Owl Sell It!

Who?  Who?  Who will Sell It?

Owl Sell It!

And sell it she did!

I offer the patient reader an explanation about my owl-like preferences and about my real estate web site "" which also uses this owl symbol.

These are real estate web sites which promote & edify my clients while I serve specific interest and focal points as a Realtor. Links to these and other sites are available at  I have links to various web sites here at because I can explore more than one way or one path.  There are in fact many ways we can go... many paths and many rooms or web sites featured here.

So let me tell you about the GoodyWho Web Site to which I have established a link below.   I wanted to create a link to it here at

When I lived in Cardiff, Wales and studied at the Welsh College of Music and Drama; I learned to love the lilting sounds of the Welsh language.  

Have you ever had a favorite word?  It's a word that's so neat, it seems to typify in a tone everything you need to say to fully express the essence of something.

I know such a word, by reference.  That word is "Goodywho."

Or. as it is spelled in Welsh, "Gwdihw." 

This is the sound an owl makes.  It is the name given to an owl.  In Welsh, the vowel sound of the "w" is elongated and the word itself sounds like ornothologically inspired  humans doing bird calls.  

(I'm sure that even owls would approve!)

I chose the web site name of for a real estate web site, because I sought to portray myself as a valued consultant ...
as a wise old owl.  

Absolutely no one understood my reasoning - until I also secured:

And now, even though I think people are getting it.... I've totally changed things around again just to park all the web sites in one place while Blue Property Group makes a few changes. So clearly, this exciting concept will re-emerge as something wonderful soon. But not yet. Let me kick it around just a bit more and then this idea will, I hope, take flight!

Owl Sell It!

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