Cyber Awareness is Important.

   An Announcement from Cheryl Magill

The choice is simple.  

We can either protect our data or risk losing that data!  

And how is such data lost?  It's compromised, stolen, corrupted, copied, marketed or usurped.  Every key stroke.

It's taken right off our keyboards.

In the past, data encryption technology was ignored by most end users.  

In the past, most people were unaware of cyber security choices, because reliable security software was mostly unavailable.   

All we knew back then was to get a good anti-virus program.  

In the past, we didn't fully understand that simply being on the Internet put our personal information at risk.

In the past, we didn't concern ourselves with critical defenses against key-loggers, privacy invasion and cyber attacks.

In the past, we didn't think those things actually happened to ordinary people.

Now, each of us has a choice.

It's not just about my data. 

I'm taking measures to protect my clients' data too!  My real estate clients have entrusted me with information which is often very detailed.  I take that trust seriously.  



Thank you.
Cheryl A. Magill

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